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How Not to Lose Your Vehicle!

Monday, May 21, 2018   /   by Janet Love

How Not to Lose Your Vehicle!

How Not to Lose Your Vehicle. . .Tips to Find Your Vehicle Fast!

Ever lose your vehicle in a big parking lot or parking garage, in spite of making a mental note of the color code and number where you parked it? Here's some better ways to keep your dignity and ensure you don't lose your cool next time you lose track of your vehicle in a busy parking garage or parking lot.

Keep track of where you parked your car with these tips:
  • #1 Tip...Take a video as you walk away from the car. This will help you retrace your steps back.
  • Add something to your car to make it more noticeable, such as a colorful antenna topper.
  • Always park in the same type of area, such as always on the top deck of a parking garage or by an intersection of two streets.
  • If you carry a smartphone, pin the location of the car in a map before you leave it.